The first health & nutrition personalization allowing ANYONE to shop for their REAL health-goals without any knowledge of nutrition or ingredients

REAL Health Goals
Fully Personalized
No Knowledge Required
Change Lives,
Retain Customers
AlgoCart's cutting-edge Deep Nutrition technology allows you to help your customers perform better at sports, support their immune system, reduce stress, eat well while pregnant, and much more.
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AlgoCart's Deep Nutrition technology helps your customers achieve their health goals by personalizing their entire shopping journey to their nutrition needs. Completely seamless.

Increase Customer Retention

Give your customers a unique shopping experience and keep them coming back.

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Increase Cart Size

Help your customers find and discover new products that are healthy for them and increase their cart size.

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Stand Out in Your Industry

Be a leader and stay ahead of consumer trends with next-gen technology based on real-time data.

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We built a smart, hyper-personalized, AI-powered Deep Nutrition platform, so you can give your customers the "WOW" shopping experience
An End-To-End Solution

No hassle for you! Our platform mitigates between your customers' dietary goals and your product catalog.

Health-Based Product Recommendations

Know each customer's dietary needs and let them know when a better alternative exists for them.

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Health-Based Product Discovery

Help your customers discover and buy new products that fit their nutritional goals.

Incentivising Healthy Living

Every time your customers choose a healthier product they rank up and receive loyalty points.

Real-Time Nutrition Advice

Using NLP technology, our assistant is always at-the-ready for when a customer needs a health or nutrition advice.

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Blend Perfectly Into The Store

With our white-label platform you can easily adjust, and change, the UI/UX to fit your own changing needs

A Flexible Interface

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