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Meet The Team

Yuval Canfi.png
Yuval Canfi
Co-founder, CEO
Before starting AlgoCart Yuval was analyzing consumer trends for several years around health and nutrition and noticed the big gap between what consumers look to buy for their health and wellbeing, and what they end up buying out of lack of knowledge.
Yuval is an experienced leader with over 10 years of leading teams to success in various fields.
Tomer Harpaz.png
Tomer Harpaz
Co-founder, CTO
Tomer is an avid health and nutrition enthusiast. He built his life around good nutrition, wellness, and healthy habits like yoga and fitness. In addition, Tomer is an experienced data developer with over 10 years of experience.
Tomer's expertise in both technology and nutrition made him realize the complexity of shopping healthy for most people and is devoting his time to help then ever since.


Raanan Shamir.png
Prof. Raanan Shamir Senior Nutrition Advisor
Chairman of the Gastroenterology Nutrition and Liver Diseases at Schneider Medical Center, a professor of Pediatrics, Tel Aviv University, and world-renowned nutrition thought leader.
Dana Weiner.png
Ms. Dana Weiner
Senior Nutrition Advisor
Director of the Division of Nutrition, Sheba Medical Center, one of the largest medical centers in the world.
bill 2.jpg
Dr. Bill Bishop
Senior Strategic Advisor
Founder and Chief Architect of 'Brick Meets Click' Inst., and a distinguished thought leader in the retail industry.
Oren Paran.png
Mr. Oren Paran, MRE Senior Strategic Advisor
Managing Director of Retail Innovation Club, an expert in making the connection between innovation and corporates in the world of retail.
Toby Olshanetsky.png
Mr. Toby Olshanetsky
Senior Advisor and Mentor
​​Serial entrepreneur 20years, Co-founded and led several successful startups, raised over $ 80m.
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