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How Personalized Nutrition Can Win The New Over- 60's Customers In Online Grocery

עודכן: 11 במאי 2020

Personalized nutrition has brought unparalleled growth into the digital health sector.

More so, we have seen its role magnified amid the COVID-19 pandemic. However, personalized nutrition has yet a length to go to reach its full impact potential in our lives. And at the end of the chain, there would always be the grocery store, because nutrition doesn’t work without food.

During COVID-19, figures of online grocery adoption have risen dramatically in favor of the over 60’s age group, of which 39% have used it for the first time ever. This does not come as a surprise since they are among those who are at greater risk of the COVID-19 virus.

With increased age comes increased need for watching one’s health, and it is much more pronounced after the age of sixty. This is the reason why the over-60 age group needs to be a focal point in personalized nutrition.

Discovering Opportunities In Online Grocery

Many people have been forced to adapt to various changes that came with COVID-19. Interestingly, it had opened our eyes to how we can make the most out of a bad situation.

Still, many senior citizens schedule visits with their physician just to receive complex dietary instructions that they can hardly carry out because they don’t know which foods to buy.

Today, even though the majority of the over 60’s are less technologically inclined, there is a solution to this longstanding problem. Older citizens can now enjoy a seamless, personalized nutrition experience, easy and simple to follow. Notable journals have published research findings that confirm the increased likelihood of adoption of personalized nutrition by senior citizens with the presence of a range of technologies.

Senior Citizens Adopting Online Grocery

Just less than two years ago, there was low market penetration in online grocery for senior citizens. Fast forward to 2020; it appears that this group had much more embraced online grocery. Now, millions of over-60 shoppers are using one platform or the other.

Furthermore, many of them have been left thoroughly satisfied with the experience. Albeit many shortcomings of out-of-stock items, long delivery waiting times, and scarcity of slots during the COVID-19 panic buying, the experience of getting groceries delivered to their doorstep was a first for lots of senior citizens, many of whom are struggling with the task even without the burden of self-isolation.

Into The Future

Post COVID-19 there are likely to be millions more over-60 consumers using online grocery.

Retailers now need to go back to the drawing board and adapt their online offering to best serve this population group. In most of the western world they are growing in numbers, and so is their demand for a healthy lifestyle and well being.

With the use of AI and next-gen personalization platforms retailers can now cater to this group and help alleviate one of their most acute pain-points, and with that win their hearts and their loyalty.

Personalized nutrition in online grocery would not just win over the new over-60’s consumers, it would also cause a ripple effect on global health.

Ready to learn how AlgoCart can help your over 60's customers stay healthier?

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