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How do you strengthen the relationship between food and health?

We sat down with Bill Bishop, one of the grocery industry true veterans and the Founder of Brick Meets, to talk about why is it so hard to follow a diet that would benefit our health concerns? Why is changing, or following, a certain eating pattern so challenging? And more importantly, how do we solve this?

The vast variety of products on the shelf today confronts us with an unfathomable stream of information which we have to process if we want to understand what goes into our body. The digital shelf coming into the picture magnifies that tenfold with the creation of the ‘endless aisle’, ranging approx. 40,000 food items per store. Shoppers wanting to fit their basket to their own needs would have to sift through dozens of food items, reading labels and trying to make sense of a huge amount of information, most of which they don’t understand simply because, well, nutrition is science and most of us are not scientists.

This is where the power of AI lies. While many solutions exist today in the field of personalized nutrition, most of them abide to the same standard of ‘attribute driven’ analysis. This means selectively highlighting product traits like allergens (gluten, shellfish), diets (keto, high fiber) and lifestyle choices (vegan, kosher). While this does provide some sort of granularity into the food we buy, attributes are limited to the amount of information people can, and want to, process while shopping for food. Attributes also force shoppers into the need to study their own dietary situation in-depth, translating that into nutritional requirements and then having to search up those requirements while shopping.

This high-friction-low-outcome axis is where food personalization falls short.

So how did we solve this using AI? We say- by taking away that friction between people and their healthy-shopping. Like we said before, nutrition is a science. Why should we have to go through tedious research and spend so much time reading labels and trying to decipher their meanings when we aren’t even sure what we are reading? We think that everyone deserves to eat well and be healthy, and this is possible with the help of AlgoCart’s Nutritional-AI.

Imagine you can walk into the store and tell your personal assistant exactly what your health concerns are, then your assistant would pick out all of your products for you, while you don’t have to think at all, or know anything about nutrition.

AlgoCart’s Nutritional-AI does exactly this. It analyses both consumer and product data, seamlessly matching every shopper with the best products for their individual health concern. By being there every step of the shopping journey, we believe we can help millions of people stay on the right track, leading healthier, happier lives.

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