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Consumers Love Personalized Health Plans, but Don't Know How to Shop for Them.

עודכן: 27 באפר׳ 2020

More and more people are now concerned about their health. This has made personalized nutrition a hot, trendy topic. As a result, multiple health plans have sprung into existence. Exercise, diet regimens, and stress management are some of the things in vogue.

There is much to look forward to in the coming years as the industry has been projected to double in value between now and 2026. This has come as good news considering the flaws in our orthodox, generalised nutritional practices. For instance, more than half of the UK's adult population is obese, according to the British Nutrition Foundation, and the problem is global.

The customized approach of this industry has fuelled its growth, and everyone can now get what is perfect for their body. However, here comes the main problem. How do you shop for what you need?

Moving forward

It is no longer news that several health problems have plagued us—cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, environmental concerns, cancer, and other chronic ailments.

The exciting news is that with the emergence of personalized nutrition, we can look well over the horizon into a brighter future for everyone. We are set to experience increased productivity and improvement in the quality of life and consequent improvement in health indices.

At least 64% of the world population is on one diet or the other. Moving forward, the last thing now standing between consumers and their health goals is that they are unsure of which foods to actually buy at the grocery store to maintain their diet.

How do you get your personalized nutrition?

Sadly, as many as 62% of consumers can’t name the foods that they need to keep up with their own health goals, according to a Food and Health Survey report. However, with the power of AI, personalized nutrition solutions for retail are now available to make consumers’ shopping experience easier.

Rather than letting shoppers navigate uncharted waters alone, retailers can adopt this technology, giving their customers a highly personalized shopping experience while raising both loyalty, and cart size.

Such experience is not only appealing for people with busy schedules or those who do not have the time to linger on ingredients and nutritional information. It's for everyone, from those with small babies to feed, to the elderly whose nutrition has to be adapted to age, to those who just want to lose some weight, and everyone in-between. With just one click, they could fit the food they buy to their own health plan.

The healthy life

Many fad diets have led to obsessions in the personalized nutrition of some consumers. Therefore, they had ended up being worse off than when they started. Any good thing done to the extreme is, in fact, bad. The recent Global Wellness summit highlighted this development.

All health plans must be followed in moderation. Technology, when done right, can ensure that consumers follow their diet plans and remain healthy. Remember that living healthy is a decision, and it involves all aspects of your life. Goodbye to the old health practices. Personalized nutrition could not have come at a better time!

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