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With AlgoCart's Deep Nutrition technology your customers can reach their health goals, hassle-free.

Every customer is different, every customer lives different, Everybody wants to be healthy.
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Customers choose a 'Health Track' and go shopping
Heart health, sugar levels, quality ingredients, immune system, and many other Tracks to select from.
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Each customer gets hyper-personalized product recommendations, seamlessly.
Every item in your store is analyzed by our AI-powered algorithm and matched against each customer's specific needs.
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Customers can choose the healthier option or just waive it
Each customer can choose whether to take the healthier option or waive it... this time.
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Congrats! Your customers are on a healthier track!
We give you the option to track, motivate, and even reward your customers for healthy living.
After all, happy customers are loyal customers.
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How It Works

Perfectly Fit Into Your Website

Index Page Integration

Seamless integration into any category, search results, or and index page.

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