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Your Customers are on a neverending shopping journey.

You need to be there too!

AlgoCart's 'Deep Nutrition' platform is an all touch-point API that created next-generation Health & Nutrition personalization on every step of the customer shopping journey.

John's Journey

Your consumers are always on the move, always busy and always shopping.

They want to add protein bars to their cart from the bedroom smart-speaker, yogurt from the kitchen smart fridge and fruit from their phone. They also want to stay healthy. AlgoCart is developing a first-of-its-kind health & nutrition personalization platform across all touchpoints between consumers and retailers.

This is John

John is your customer,

and he cares about eating healthy


7:32 am

John had just woken up and realized he is out of his morning juice,

"Alexa, please add orange juice to my cart"

8:12 am

John ate the last yogurt cup, adds some yogurt to his shopping list from the smart fridge.


12:34 pm

It's John's lunchtime, he is finalizing the order he started last night.

18:18 pm

On the way home from work John is popping in to buy a few ingredients for dinner.



With AlgoCart's all-touchpoint integration platform you can cater to John's precise health and nutrition preferences, every step of the journey.


Coming Soon...

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